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goblet worms, nodding heads, kamptozoans

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Classification after Emschermann 1972.
Containing group: Bilateria

Other Names for Entoprocta


Emschermann P. 1972. Loxokalypus socialis gen. et sp. nov. (Kamptozoa, Loxokalypodidae fam. nov.), ein neuer Kamptozoentyp aus dem nördlichen Pazifischen Ozean. Ein Vorschlag zur Neufassung der Kamptozoensystematik. Marine Biology 12:237-254.

Emschermann P. 1982. Les kamptozoaires. État actuel de nos connaissances sur leur anatomie, leur développement, leur biologie et leur position phylogénétique. Bulletin de la Société Zoologique de France 107:317–344.

Emschermann P. 1994. Kamptozoa. Pages 113–141 in: Süßwasserfauna von Mitteleuropa, Vol. I, part 3. J. Schwoerbel and P. Zwick, eds. Gustav Fischer Verlag, Stuttgart.

Todd, J. A. and P. D. TAYLOR. 1992. The first fossil entoproct. Naturwissenschaften 79:311-314.

Wasson, K. 2002. A review of the invertebrate phylum Kamptozoa (entoprocta) and synopsis of Kamptozoan diversity in Australia and New Zealand. Transactions of the Royal Society of South Australia 126:1-20.

Wasson K. and S. A. Shepherd. 1997. Nodding heads (Phylum Kamptozoa or Entoprocta). pages 975–992 in: Marine Invertebrates of Southern Australia, Chapter 17, Part 3. S. A. Shepherd and M. Davies, eds. South Australia Fauna & Flora Handbooks Committee, Adelaide.

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Scientific Name Barentsia discreta
Location Azores
Specimen Condition Live Specimen
Identified By Peter Emschermann
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